Cosy Shepherd’s Hut Cabin Stay

Enjoy a lazy midweek or weekend break in The Queen Bee Cabin.

Experiences and days out

Sausage making experience

Miles Higgins shop on the farm, Wormelow

Location: Wormelow, HR2

Distance: 1.2 miles

Tel: : 07775 506909

This is an excellent farm shop just down the road from The Queen Bee Cabin on the other side of A49. Apart from fresh produce you can expect from a farm shop, you can also buy fresh meat or even go to their sausage making workshop. The shop is open three days a week, so check to ensure they are open before you go.


Natural beekeeping experience

Learn the basics of natural beekeeping right here, at The Hive Much Birch. The experience discusses the basic bee biology, different types of beehive with emphasis on bee friendly hives such as Warre and Top Bar hives. You can find out more about natural beekeeping experience here.


Fruits farms

There are two fantastic fruit farms relatively close to The Queen Bee Cabin. In the summer, you can buy fresh fruits. At one of the farms, you can pick your own fruits.


Treberva fruit farms

Location:  HR2 8HU

Tel: 01981 540306


A.J and C.I. Snell fruit farm

Location:  Windmill Hill, Harewood End. HR2 8JS