Farm Shops and other Local Shops

Farm Shops and other Local Shops

Farm Shops and other Local Shops


Merrivale Farm shop,  Little Birch

:  Little Birch, HR2 8BA

Distance:  1.5 miles

:  01981 540 032

If you like local, organic produce from a sustainably managed farm, you will love Merrivale farm shop.  You will find fresh, seasonal vegetables, eggs and organic beef for your roast or casserole fresh from the farm. You can also buy fresh organic milk or milkshakes and homemade cakes. The milkshakes come in different flavours and are very popular. You can buy them, bring them back to The Queen Bee or sit on one of the picnic benches at Merrivale farm surrounded by the quiet and tranquillity of the countryside.

Locks,  Allensmore

: Allensmore, Hereford HR2 9AS

Distance: 4.7 miles

:  01981 570 206

Locks is primarily a filling station, but the shops attached to it are extensive!  You can find most local produce, ranking from locally made Scotch eggs, fruit and vegetables to local meat products. You can also find not so local, but very popular produce such as fresh Yam, plantain and Polish beer at Locks.  They also have a post office counter service.

Carrots and Wine, Wormelow

: 1 Queens Close, Wormelow, HR2 8FD

Distance: 1.2 miles

:  01981 540 126

Carrots and wine in Womerlow has everything you can expect from a nice village shop and more. You can find basic essentials such as milk, cheese and bread. You will also find fruits, vegetables and of course wine!  They also stock daily newspapers and have a post office counter service.

Pengethley farm shop, Peterstow

:   Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye HR9 6LN

Distance:  4.1 miles

:   01989 730 430

Located just off the A49, Pengethly farm shop is not that close to The Queen Bee Cabin, but the drive to visit Pengethley farm shop is worth it.  They stock a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, local beer, wine and a fine array of freshly baked bread and other high end local products.

Miles Higgins shop on the farm, Wormelow

: Wormelow , HR2 8

Distance: 1.2 miles

: : 07775 506909

This is an excellent farm shop just down the road from The Queen Bee on the other side of A49. Apart from fresh produce you can expect from a farm shop, you can also buy fresh meat or even go to their sausage making workshop. The shop is open three days a week, so check to ensure they are open before you go.