About The Queen Bee Cabin

The Queen Bee Cabin arriving at the The Hive on a low loader trailer

 Our shepherd’s hut style cabin was designed for one spot and one spot only; the corner of The Hive it currently resides. The design was oriented in a way that takes in the stunning view that is Athelstan’s wood, May Hill and part of South Wales. The cabin was crafted in Cornwall, placed on a low loader trailer and dropped off in Much Birch, just outside The Hive.

The Cabin being towed into The Hive with a tractor

With the cabin now in place, garden furniture, plants and other outdoor ornaments were built around the cabin, to turn it to a comfortable and a pleasant space and environment.

Stepping stones leading into the cabin

The stones used to make the steps into the cabin were extracted from the entrance of The Hive.


A picture of the cabin, on it's first day at The Hive

It was time to turn our attention to the interior. We enlisted the help of Martha and Reuben, a fantastic and extremely talented couple.

Martha and Reuben hanging up a painting by Martha for the cabin

The interior of the cabin was beautifully and tastefully decorated by Yuta Fairs-Billam, before  Martha added the gorgeous decorations all around the cabin.