Hands-on Natural Beekeeping Experience

 Natural beekeeping experience

Do you want to learn to keep bees the natural, environment friendly way? Perhaps you just want a day out in the countryside in a small apiary to have a hands-on nature beekeeping experience, read on!

Who is the natural beekeeping experience for?

The beekeeping experience is for anyone who is interested in learning more about beekeeping, especially natural beekeeping also known as treatment free beekeeping. You do not keep about bees but know someone who is? Then this is the perfect present for the person. It is a great Christmas present. You can also give the experience as a birthday gift.  If you are staying at the queen bee cabin, you can get a 50% discount on the cost of our natural beekeeping experience.

What is included in our natural beekeeping experience:

● Guided inspection of at least 4 beehives
● Introduction to beehives including a top bar, a warre and a national hive
● See the bees up close and the opportunity to open and explore the inner workings of
the hive and handle live bees, at your own pace
● The basics of beekeeping
● A taste of seasonal honey
● Free parking
● The Hive, Much Birch goodie bags

Hands-on beekeeping experience guidelines

● Minimum age of participants is 21
● If you are allergic to bee stings, this experience may not be suitable for you
● The experience content are customised for individual or groups
● Session length varies depending your booking
● The experience starts at 10am
● Cancellation – If for any reason you cancel the session, 75% of the booking fee will
be refunded
● Hands-on beekeeping experience is available from late Spring to late Autumn.

● If you have any questions please contact us.