Blacksmith forging experience day our in Herefordshire

Blacksmith experience and holiday accommodation in Herefordshire

Herefordshire is probably the best county in England, for a blacksmith experience day out. There is a wide variety of places to choose from and options. You can have a private blacksmithing experience with a practising blacksmith.

You can also choose an experience, where you are one of many participants, usually a small group or not more than eight people. You and the rest of the blacksmith experience can choose an item to forge. Items forged in such groups range from a candle holder, a dagger, a sword, jewellery and other stuff blacksmiths make.

Blacksmith experience is a romantic day out. It is the perfect way for you and your other half to enjoy a quality short break away from it all. You will be learning an exciting new skill in the process. The idea for this article was born from the reason some of the guests at queen bee shepherds hut cabin told us they came to do in Herefordshire. How do you go about planning a blacksmith experience day in Herefordshire?

The presumption is that you are not local to Herefordshire, so the very first thing you need to do is book a place to stay. It is not a coincidence that dozens of people who went to blacksmithing experience days found the short break accommodation provided by our cabin the perfect icing on their metaphorical blacksmith experience cake.

Planning a blacksmith experience day out in Herefordshire essentials

Book a suitable short holiday let for the duration of experience
Choose from the blacksmith experiences providers in Herefordshire
Choose what you are going to make at the forge
Getting there and back – driving, public transport or taxi
If you are not staying at a hotel, identify the best places to eat near your blacksmith experience venue

What you can learn at a blacksmithing experience day out

You can learn how fit you are as you will use the hammer quite often
You will learn traditional blacksmithing techniques
Use will learn how to use heat, a hammer to turn a lump of metal to forge a practical item such as a knife, a sword or a decorative item
Forge and keep an item you can treasure for a long time!

Typical items made at a blacksmith experience day out

A fire poker
A candlestick holder
A bottle opener
A letter opener
A key ring, letter opener
A paper weight

Blacksmith experience and Blacksmith in Herefordshire

John Fellow – Orcop
Worwood metal – Hereford
Little Welsh Forge – Hereford
Owen Mabbort – Leominster
Dragons Wood Forge – Stoke Lacy, Bromyard
Caple Forge – How Caple
JC Blacksmithing – Bromyard
Kington Forge – Kington
Hot Metal Blacksmith – Leominster
IA Studios – Hereford
Hereford Make – Herford
AWB Metal Work – Ledbury
Guy Milton Blacksmiths – Hereford
JAZ Asbury Meal Design – Hereford
P & O Craft – Little Marcle, Ledbury
Bromley O’Hare – Weston Pembridge, Leominster
OldField Forge – Garway

Working blacksmiths – what do they actually do?

The blacksmith experience day out is usually a fun way to relax and learn a new skill by city and town’s folks. The objects made at blacksmithing experiences are usually fun items. That begs the question, what do real life working blacksmiths do all day long when they are not teaching their crafts to people seeking blacksmithing experience.

One object that blacksmiths still make a lot of even till today is horse shoes. There are probably millions of horses in the UK. Those that are ridden regularly or on the road need to be shoed. Many a blacksmith make horseshoes in their forge, for farriers who then affix the horseshoes to horses hooves. Active horses have their shoes changed at eight weeks intervals, keeping blacksmiths and farriers busy.