Shepherd's Hut Stay Herefordshire #1

Shepherd’s Hut Stay Herefordshire #1

Yes we did it! The Queen Bee Cabin completed its first season at the end of November 2022. Though it was a relatively short season, it was a remarkable and eventful one. We welcomed our first guest in June, and we expect to bid our last guest of the season au revoir at the end of November.

Despite this being our first season, every single guest has been remarkable. Each guest brings something different, unique, exciting and special. Our last two guests were no different. The first of the last two guests was our first guest from Germany. The second one is our first from our own county; Herefordshire!.

Our guest from Herefordshire is not a regular guest, she is a travel writer with a decade of experience. A visit to her website, will show you the depth of her experience. Guess what? After her stay at The Queen Bee Cabin, Lucy concluded that we are one of the best Shepherds huts she has stayed in Herefordshire.

Shepherd’s Huts Stay in Herefordshire : one of the best

Now, now! We are not letting Lucy’s accolade get to our head, but we are quietly pleased. So quiet and pleased that we created a rossett to commemorate Lucy’s observation about The Queen Bee Cabin and placing us on top of her list of Shepherds Huts Herefordshire: 19 Dreamy Huts to Stay In 2022”. You should visit Lucy’s website and read the full story, here is a small excerpt from her write-up about The Queen Bee Cabin:
“From the exposed oak beams and the high ceilings to the wooden king-size bed and the numerous bee details, every inch of the space is beautifully hand-crafted and original. It’s one of the most spacious huts I’ve ever stayed in, comprising a bed, reading nook, dining table, fully-kitted kitchen, and en-suite”.

Most if not all Shepherd’s hut and other accommodation providers think theirs is the best. When a 3rd party validates their assertion, it means you should take their claim seriously. Better than 3rd party endorsement is experiencing things for yourself. That is why you should book a stay at The Queen Bee Cabin to experience what Lucy and all our previous guests say and write about The Queen Bee Cabin for yourself.