Sustainability – The cornerstone of The Queen Bee Cabin

From the moment the idea for the cabin was conceived, sustainability, the environment and health were top on our list of priorities. This was one of the reasons we chose to have the cabin built from English oak, sourced from sustainably managed sources, rather than buy cheaper imports. The wood boards used in the cabin walls are specifically sourced not to contain formaldehyde.

Capture, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are not a fan of the throwaway culture, that is why all the windows that were used to build ‘The Queen Bee‘ were reclaimed and repurposed, including the 2 stunning church windows used on either end of the cabin. The butlers sink in the kitchen was also reclaimed. Other materials used for the cabin constructions may have otherwise ended up in landfill sites.
Our choice of insulation was no exception. The cabin’s primary insulation was organic sheep’s wool, a much healthier alternative to traditional insulation materials. We kept the use of paint to a minimum and used only environment friendly eco paint.
That is not all; in the grounds around ‘the Queen Bee’ cabin and at ‘the Hive’, we use environmentally friendly gardening methods. We practise no dig gardening where we can. This way of gardening, in addition to reducing your carbon footprint, actually helps to sequester carbon into the ground. We capture and reuse rainwater from the roofs of ‘The Queen Bee’, thereby reducing our water footprint.
If you are looking for a stunning, environmentally friendly cabin stay, ‘The Queen Bee’ should be on the top of your list.