From the 26th of October to the 1st of November, The Queen Bee Cabin hosted an extraordinary giveaway offering with the help of farawaylucy an exclusive opportunity for one lucky winner to bask in the splendour of a lavish glamping holiday in Hereford. With great excitement and enthusiasm, we’re thrilled to announce that our giveaway has just come to a close!

The Queen Bee Cabin is a luxurious escape nestled in the countryside of Hereford, designed to offer a harmonious blend of nature and comfort. Our glamping retreat provides an exclusive opportunity to experience the splendour of the great outdoors while enjoying the amenities and services fit for royalty.

During the week-long giveaway, thousands of entrants from all over the world participated in the entries.we’re delighted to have randomly selected Stacey Jo  winner for Glamping Giveaway at The Queen Bee Cabin in Hereford

Congratulations to our winner! We look forward to hosting you and ensuring that your stay at The Queen Bee Cabin is nothing short of spectacular.

For those who missed this giveaway or wish to plan their own regal escape, bookings for The Queen Bee Cabin are available. Treat yourself to an opulent glamping experience and immerse yourself in the luxury and natural beauty that defines our haven.

Thank you once again for your enthusiastic participation in our glamping holiday giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and future opportunities at The Queen Bee Cabin! ✨