The summer of 2022 saw The Queen Bee Cabin welcome its very first guests. The first guest, a businessman in transit, was quickly followed by the second, then the third, and the fourth, until one guest started merging into the next. At one point in the summer, every guest was the first to do one thing or the other. The first from Birmingham, the first from here and the first from there. 


After we had had a number of guests, saying that guests were the first from a particular geographic location was getting difficult. As we were beginning to think of what would be the “first” something of the other, the next guest would do or be, Diana Green, The Bard of Hudson, arrived. She was the “first” in so many things that only a list would do some of the “first ” things she was at The Queen Bee Cabin. Here are just a few of the “first” Diana brought or was:


  • The first guest to travel the furthest distance to The Queen Bee Cabin (3,000 + miles from New York).
  • The guest that stayed the longest time at the Queen Bee Cabin (10 nights).
  • The first guest to return for a second stay at The Queen Bee Cabin.
  • The first guest to create a podcast about The Queen Bee Cabin.
  • The first guest to leave the hosts at The Queen Bee Cabin, enough whiskey and gin bottles for a small party.
  • The first guest to buy our residen pest controller, Jumi, a fetching bandana.
  • The first guest to be invited to our now popular host/guest roundtable
  • The first guest to introduce the host to the joy of Irish Whiskies
  • And the list goes on and on.


Last of the summer grass & moth identification

The grass is always greener and taller at The Queen Bee Cabin.

Most years in the summer, we cut the grass to make hay. This year we left the grass and let it grow. At its highest, a fully grown person can almost disappear completely into the grass.  This was perfect for wildlife. A pheasant laid eggs and hatched its chicks during this period. We also hosted a Hidden Herefordshire moth identification evening, which identified more than 60 species of moth.


Moth identification in progress.

The first summer at The Queen Bee Cabin was a lot of fun. We hope it was as much fun for all our guests as it was for us.  The Queen Bee Cabin is best experienced rather than read about! You should come and stay to experience the Queen Bee Cabin.